Monday, May 3, 2010

Preliminary Survey Results

Here are some key points from our preliminary survey thanks to AskYourTargetMarket:

Language preferences:
English: 39%
Spanish: 35%

Currently learning languages through:
TV/Videos/DVDs/CDs: 36%
Friends/Family: 25%

Importance placed on learning language:
Of some importance : 95%
(This represents 'Somewhat Important, Important, Very Important'. Only 5% said 'Not Important')

How would you be interested in learning a language through any of the following?
Wii/Xbox/Playstation:  32%
Website:  27%

(Side Note:69% of those interested in learning language (sample size: 104) said they would be interested in learning through the web)

Importance of tracking:
50% very important
90% of some importance

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