Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Motor skills of a 5 year old vs. a 7 year old

This weekend, I got a chance to test the iPad interface with my 5 year old cousin and my 7 year old cousin. Both of these girls have been surrounded by technology their entire lives and play web based games all the time, like and dora games. They lit up when I let them play with the iPad and I found a few interesting findings:
The 5 year old, Anoosha, was pressing really hard on the screen and her fingers were sticking to the screen as she was sliding it across to drag and drop an object.

The 7 year old, Arfa, had no issues with the iPad interface, and was using it like a pro right away. She knew to tap lightly to get it to respond.

From this, it appears that we need to do a lot of testing depending on which device we choose to use for the final product.

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